Athlete Pre

Blue Raspberry

PODIUM® Athlete Pre is your one-stop-supplement-shop with a complete formula containing all the electrolytes, endurance, energy, and performance ingredients you need to go harder and faster for longer.

As an INFORMED SPORT Certified mix with ZERO sugar or artificial ingredients, rest assured you're giving your body the best.




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Nutrition Breakdown

Boosts nitric oxide, helping to improve blood flow throughout the body; benefitting training volume & muscular endurance during longer WODS and training days.
A clinical dose, 3.2g, of beta-alanine buffers acid build up in the muscles, helping you go longer and harder.
During stressful situations, L-Tyrosine is a star. Providing calm focus, mindfulness, and mood enhancement during duress (like during one of the Hero workouts you’re halfway through).
Creatine monohydrate's benefits have been extensively researched, providing well known improvements in power output, strength, ATP delivery for energy to cells, and high-intensity training
  • Caffeine The benefits of caffeine are well researched but too much can lead you to a very dark place. We include 200mg of good clean caffeine to give you the feels and none of the heart pounding anxiety.

Product highlights

Target Clean

Informed Sport Certified

150mg Caffeine + extended release caffeine

380mg Electrolytes

3.6g Beta-Alanine + L-Citrulline

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free


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