Podium Pump

Watermelon Mint

The perfect non-stim companion for your next hypertrophy or strength training session formulated with patented ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance blood flow, vascularity, and muscle volume.

40 Servings

Naturally Flavored


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Nutrition Breakdown

Nitrosigine® is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate that is scientifically engineered to promote nitric oxide production and improve blood flow for increased muscle volume.
Setria® glutathione in combination with L-citrulline sustains long lasting nitric oxide levels to aid in vasodilation and fuel muscles.
VasoDrive-AP® is designed to enhance vasodilation, support intra-workout pump, and healthy glucose utilization while training.
Boosts nitric oxide, helping to improve blood flow throughout the body; benefitting training volume & muscular endurance during training.
  • TAURINE A conditionally essential amino acid helps maintain proper electrolyte balance in cells, improve athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue, and has been shown to defend against free radical-mediated damage.
  • BETAINE HCI Derived from beets, Betaine HCl is a compound that offers multiple benefits for athletes. It helps increase muscle strength and power output, leading to improved performance. Betaine HCl also aids in cellular hydration, promoting optimal fluid balance within your muscles.
  • PINE BARK EXTRACT Pine Bark Extract provides valuable support for athletic performance. A combination of bioactive compounds have been linked to enhanced blood flow, reduced muscle soreness, and improved exercise recovery.
  • DEXTROSE Dextrose fuels your muscles with readily available energy and enhances the absorption and utilization of other key ingredients, maximizing the benefits you experience during your training sessions.
  • ASTRAGIN® 100% natural compound that increases absorption of vital nutrients, making sure you get the most out of every ingredient in Podium Pump.

Product highlights

500mg Nitrosigine® + 3000mg L-Citrulline

50mg VasoDrive-AP®

750mg Dextrose

50mg Setria®

Podium® Fully Disclosed Label


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