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PODIUM® x HWPO Training® Isolate Whey Protein with Velositol® is fully disclosed, fully transparent, 100% whey protein isolate combined with a unique blend of digestive enzymes.


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Nutrition Breakdown

21.75g Bulk* Supplying 18.7g Protein (*3% Overage Included)
Studies indicate that Velositol® when combined with whey protein, increased muscle protein synthesis by 24%, fractional synthesis rate at these doses is greater than that of 30g and 40g of whey protein alone, and more than doubled vertical jump power. Velositol® is patented complex of Amylopectin and Chromium that, when used with protein is designed to increase strength and power by accelerating and boosting muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a key to enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass, and quicker muscle recovery. Velositol® also enhances insulinogenic function, which increases amino acid uptake providing fuel for working muscles, so you get the most out of your workout, even after your workout. For more information on Velositol® visit https://nutrition21.com/velositol/
3.7g Bulk* Supplying 1.6g Protein (*3% Overage Included)

Product highlights

20 Grams Whey Protein

105 Calories | 3 Grams Carbs




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