PODIUM® Morning Collagen

Cinnamon Roll

Brooke Wells Signature Flavor

PODIUM® Morning Collagen supports your morning routine and provides a delicious cinnamon roll flavor that goes great with a cup of coffee or a glass of water. Types I & III collagen in combination with ingredients like FruiteX-B® and peach ceramides support joint, skin, hair and nail health. MCT oil powder provides a feeling of satiety and a great boost in mental focus, while also helping to mobilize fat cells.

20 Servings

Naturally Sweetened

No Added Sugar


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Nutrition Breakdown

Collagen has been shown to support joint health and tendon repair, while also supporting healthy hair, skin & nails.
Provides mental clarity and focus, while also supporting the mobilization of fat cells and a sense of satiety.
FruiteX-B® is a patented ingredient identical to the borate carbohydrate complex commonly found in legumes, fruits, vegetables and certain beans. Low dose, fully soluble, and vegan FruiteX-B® is supported by over a decade of published research that establishes safety and statistically significant improvement in human joint comfort. In clinical studies, significant improvements have been shown in joint comfort with continued use of FruiteX-B® when studied over a long term. Learn More: https://www.futureceuticals.com/fruitex-b
Has been found to improve skin elasticity and general appearance, and strengthen skin permeability layers allowing more moisture to be absorbed by the skin.

Product highlights

Naturally Sweetened

Zero Added Sugar

10g Collagen Per Serving

PODIUM® Fully Disclosed Label


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